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Precise Oaths is Available for Pre-Order!

Woo hoo! I’m so excited. Precise Oaths is up on Amazon, ready for pre-order.

Author Angela Knight said this when she read it:

Paige Ewing has written a romp of a book in Precise Oaths.
Liliana is an engaging, sympathetic heroine with a striking view of the world. One of the things I enjoyed was the way it made me look at being neurodivergent in a new way without once being preachy.
What’s more, Precise Oaths is tremendous fun.  Liliana’s quirky worldview is mixed with pure determination and ingenuity, along with a strong moral core.
The writing is clean and flowing, with a host of terrific characters and great worldbuilding.
It’s hard to write a thought-provoking book that’s also fun to read, but Paige pulled it off in spades.
– Angela Knight, NYT bestselling author

For the folks who care enough to be paying attention to this message, if you are willing to give me an honest review, I would be delighted to send you a free copy.

Just send an email to, and say, “I’ll give an honest review of Precise Oaths. Send me a copy.”

And I will!

Or, say the same thing by @ message or DM on Twitter @paigeewing.

If you aren’t up for reading and reviewing right now, I’d be delighted with all the pre-orders I can get.

And, in honor of Lilly, here are some pictures of lilies blooming in my garden that I took over the weekend.

Briliant red lily growing in bright green garden.

Remember, reviews are treats for authors. “Good author, here, have a review.”


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