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My brain contains worlds. Come visit.

 I’m an author of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and crazy mixes of the the three. A dash of romance, a cup full or mystery, set it in the future, and add some werewolves for spice! I cook up some awesome stories that are hard to put in a bucket, but paranormal mystery, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance are usually where you’ll find me. 

The first book in my Liliana and the Fae of Fayetteville series, Precise Oaths, was published in June, 2023! Snag a copy, read it, and please, leave a review. Reviews are author treats. “Good author. Here, have a review.”

Book 2, Explosive Chemistry, came out in November, 2023.

 If you click any one of the many red buttons on this site, I’ll send you a free story, with more to come, and occasional updates on my publishing journey. Butterfly, dog, horse, and other nature pictures are also highly likely to land in your inbox, and possibly a pic or two of axes or arrows stuck in targets. It happens. 

– Paige E. Ewing

Paige Ewing's Stories

Precise Oaths cover - Woman at night in suburbs with long black hair, bright red dress, too many eyes and blades on her arms.

Liliana Goes Shopping

Foretelling death at the grocery store is not socially acceptable, apparently.

a black wolf with blue eyes, a werewolf in wolf form

Black Sheep in a Werewolf Pack

They say a pack is only as strong as its weakest member, but what if its strongest member refuses to fight?


My home is on the back 40 acres of what used to be a cattle ranch in Texas, and is now a wildlife area. I am surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and I still garden a bit obsessively. If you join my email list, I’ll send you far too many pictures of butterflies and flowers, horses and dogs, rainbows and wildlife. 

orange gulf fritillary butterfly on cowpen daisy
Texas bluebells - rare wildflower - vivid purple blue with yellow in center
Lovely prickly pear flower - bright yellow with orange rays from yellow center
Bright red rose and red lantana flowers with green leaf background