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Precise Oaths paperback is live!

Precise Oaths paperback on table with coffee and a laptop

Countdown to Precise Oaths launch: 5 days!!

Getting super close to launch day for Precise Oaths. It’s been getting excellent reviews from lots of folks. I’d love to add you to the list of advanced reviewers. Just download an advanced copy of Precise Oaths here, and post your review here. Be sure to only download an advanced copy if you’re pretty sure you can give me a review in the next few days. Every review pre-launch goes a long way to helping make the book more visible to potential readers on Amazon.

Just got this great review from author Rie Sheridan Rose:

This is a phenomenal book. I just loved it. …

The world-building is subtle but outstanding. The various creature-kin featured are all perfectly drawn. I half-expect to meet one on the street any day now, …

The heroine learns to overcome many of her own problems to go to the aid of others, and this is a lesson we all could stand to learn.

… buy a copy. As soon as possible. It’s well worth it.

For those of you who like your books in paper, not bits and bytes, I’ve got good news. You can order the Precise Oaths paperback right now! Even before official launch day!

I’ll confess, I already ordered two. I’ll get author copies soon, but I couldn’t wait. And I got one for my mother.

Spread the word far and wide as you can about the Goodreads giveaway. It’s only on for 2 more days. Ends June 10. Over 800 folks have already signed up. It’s another way you can help me get the word out about the book. Super appreciated!

Explosive Chemistry, book 2, is scheduled for November, by the way, for all the folks asking about the next book. I’m frantically doing some continuity edits. Faster it’s ready, sooner City Owl can get it published.

I’m also working on book 3. Drafting the ending right now. Haven’t decided if the title should be Obsidian Prince or Shovel Speech. Let me know if you’ve got an opinion on that. I may put it up as a poll on Twitter or somewhere soon. It will lean much heavier on the romantic side of things, but don’t worry, there will still be plenty of action.

Life Stuff

In other news, I’m also in the midst of writing a technical book for O’Reilly publishing called, Aerospike, Up and Running. Learning a lot about a very different kind of database from my usual.

Had a bit of an emergency last night when my horses discovered that the neighbor didn’t shut their gate well. This neighbor has a 700 acre grazing lease for their own property and all the surrounding neighbors’ properties, which means there’s no fences to keep the horses from going walkabout. A neighbor 2.5 miles away by car, and about a mile away as the crow flies contacted us to let us know they had 2 spare horses all of a sudden.

One of my horses was a mostly wild horse in a herd for most of her life before she was given to us. The other horse is her son who was about 6 months old when we got him. He’s completely cool with people, and playful and affectionate like a giant dog, but also not really well-trained as a horse. Mainly, he’s not trained to ride.

So, I got a halter and lead rope on him, and rode on the back of a four-wheeler with my husband driving. The lady who owned the property the horses were found on lead the way home on her four-wheeler. Mama horse followed her son, and Joe’s father brought up the rear in a pickup with the headlights on since it was dark by the time we got them most of the way home. We made quite a parade.

Ah, country life.

And Butterflies!

Yesterday, before discovering my wandering horses, I captured a few nice pics of butterflies around my mother’s miniature rose bush by her mailbox, and then on the way home in our “creek.” Lately, it’s been bone dry from the long drought, but with the rains we’ve been getting, it’s at least muddy, and that makes the butterflies all kinds of happy.

I’ll ping back soon. Launch date is getting close super fast.



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