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My "Desert Island Grahic Novel Picks" appears on SFSignal's Mind Meld along with those of fellow Protectors writers: Alan J. Porter and Paul Benjamin.
My cross genre sci fi/fantasy story "Flyboy" is out in "Space and Time Magazine!" And the illustration is gorgeous!
5 star review of "What is a Hero? - Damson Dragon Diary 1" on

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The Protectors

A superhero who bags groceries? A supervillain whose henchmen get dental? A short, chubby, nearsighted heroine who can destroy a city? A morose, deadly bi-sexual soldier who heals people? These are not your grandfather's superheroes.

What is a Hero? - Damson Dragon Diary 1

Adolescent dragon, Damson, is old enough to qualify for social security, and can lift her Jeep without a jack, but her mom still calls her "her little girl." It's tough to hide from slayers, and still make a living as an EMT in Austin, Texas. Throw in a really irritating superhero with an image of a knight slaying a dragon on his shield, an adorable human partner who wants to take you on your first date, and weird time travelling dreams involving Merlin and King Arthur, and a girl's life could start to get weird.

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Damson Dragon Diary

I'm really just a regular girl. I'm trying to make a living in Austin, Texas as an EMT, support my elderly mother, keep from getting killed by dragon slayers, dodge the amorous attentions of Vlad Dracul, keep supervillains from blowing up Mansfield dam, and defeat an army of evil to save Camelot. Ok, so maybe I'm a little ... different. But what's the point of being different if I can't make a difference?

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What kind of crazy woman writes this stuff? What does she do when she's not writing? Maybe hang from the ceiling by her toes and drink the blood of poison dart frogs? Find out in the blog that is the story behind the stories.

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"Flyboy" in Space and Time Magazine

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(Caught Dreams Books)

Hello, my name is Paige and I am a writer.

I thank you kindly for your acceptance of my sickness, but I don't, in any way, wish to be cured of this addiction. I love fantasy, science fiction and superhero stories so much that creating my own quirky, off-beat crazy mix of genre-bending stories is my personal version of crack.

What kind of madwoman would put a dragon working as an EMT in modern Texas, who time travels to King Arthur's court, and dreams of being a superhero all in one story? Me.

Who would invent a whole world of unique urban fantasy superheroes and villains and invite all of her insanely talented comic book, fantasy, and video game writer and artist friends to come and play in that world, along with a real life superhero and a real life supervillain? Me.

Categories, shmategories. If you want to read stories that are exactly like what you always wanted to read, and nothing like what you've read before, I invite you to explore my worlds.

Are my kind of stories your kind of stories? Well, do you like Jim Butcher, Gail Simone, Julie Kenner or Terry Pratchett? I'm not them. Only in my wildest, wettest dreams could I be them. However, folks have, on occasion, compared my work to theirs, so if you like their style of stories, you might like mine.

If you like strong heroines who don't fit anybody's mold, sarcasm, rock-em sock-em fight scenes, and romance minus the silly swooning, give it a shot.

Welcome to the inside of my gloriously twisted mind.

Cover art by Denis Loubet Cover art by Ben Darling
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Where to find my short stories:

I write a bunch of short stories. Some of them are in my own urban fantasy superhero anthology, The Protectors, but other folks have been crazy enough to publish my off-beat mad stories about creatures who used to be women who dance in the air with test pilots, Lakota werewolves fighting Arapahoe vampires, a shy spider who sees the future fighting to rescue an unhandsome prince from an honorable dragon and a dishonorable maiden, a horse who dreams of wings and the girl she rescues, sort of... and more and more.

Illustration by Thomas Nackid
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